Penal Substitution (11 Mar ’18)

This sermon series describes four views of the cross. Not that any of these views totally invalidates the others, but that each adds depth and sparkle to the others. The death of Christ on the cross cannot be explained by one metaphor. This week looks at today's most common perspective, the judicial view of Penal Substitutionary Atonement.


Ransom & Redemption (18 Mar ’18)

This week's sermon begins in Mark 10:45 and discusses how Christ came to serve and offer himself as a ransom. How is ransom different a judicial approach to the cross?


Jesus Our Passover Lamb (25 Mar ’18)

This week's sermon discusses: WHY Jesus is our Passover Lamb; WHAT that means for us; and HOW it impacts our lives. The Passover Lamb wasn't killed for Israel's sins, and Jesus wasn't only killed for ours.


Good Friday – Better Sunday (1 April ’18)

The final sermon in this short series, and the Easter message: This sermon explores the ways Jesus' resurrection fits into the overall story of Scripture and how the resurrection changes the way we view the cross. On Good Friday, death wins. On Sunday, God wins.