Representing God

Churches of Christ trace our roots in the United States to the early 1800’s. The 2002 book Crux of the Matter describes that time in this way,

“In early nineteenth-century America, several church leaders, mostly Presbyterian, left their fellowships and challenged the denominalization of Christianity. They called people to be ‘Christians only,’ ‘speaking where the Bible speaks and being silent where the Bible is silent.’ They suggested that even ordinary Christians could understand the simple message of Scripture, and challenged churches to go ‘back to the Bible.’ Leaders like Alexander Campbell were accused of divisiveness as they rejected the creeds of the church and assumed that all Christians in the pews could understand the message of the Bible without the need for clergy.” (26-27)

Lawson Road continues the practice of local church leadership through elders, deacons and ministers. We place a high value on Scripture as the guide for our congregational and individual lives. We worship without musical instruments and we celebrate the Lord’s Supper each Sunday. However, the most important aspects of life at Lawson Rd can’t be observed in our corporate worship practices.

We seek above all to foster a Spirit that develops a deep love for God and each other. We encourage people to accept that while we value God’s truth, we continue to love each other when we disagree. We understand that unity doesn’t require uniformity and that there’s always space to learn from each other.

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“God’s reconciling work, displayed supremely in the cross, creates a reconciling community, not simply reconciled individuals.” (C. Leonard Allen, The Cruciform Church, 143)


While we share our spiritual DNA with the first Lawson Road church of 1942, subsequent generations have transformed us into the vibrant congregation that meets today. On a typical Sunday our building is filled with people who could be categorized as city and suburban residents; black and white; young and old;  professionals and unemployed; PhD’s and GED’s. Few of our members were raised in a Church of Christ and many have moved to Rochester from other parts of the country or the world. Diversity has become a key trait that unites us today.

Despite our differences, we find unity in God’s love for us. We often comment that the Holy Spirit within us is greater than any of our differences.

We exist to bring glory to God by demonstrating and sharing His Good News and love to our community.

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